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Infogol Expected Goals Euro Acca: Back Goals at the Bernabeu and Borussia Park

Thảo luận trong 'Chuyên Mục Ngoài Lề' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 16/1/20.

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    Infogol Expected Goals Euro Acca: Back Goals at the Bernabeu and Borussia Park
    Infogol analyst Jake Osgathorpe is back with the best football tip across Europe after going three out of four last weekend, using expected goals (xG) data lớn select a nicely priced weekend fourfold…


    No clean-sheet for Real
    Real Madrid vs Espanyol
    Saturday, 12:00 GMT
    El Clasico is rapidly approaching and there is currently nothing lớn choose between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the top of La Liga.
    Both teams have amassed 31 points so far this season but it is Madrid that lead the way by some margin over their title rivals in terms of expected soccer tip bet for (xGF). Zinedine Zidane's side are currently generating an average of hai.42 xGF per game, which is bad news for Saturday's visitors Espanyol.
    Karim Benzema comes in for a fair amount of criticism but he is currently the top scorer in La Liga and rates as the second best player in terms of expected goals (8.95 xG), with only Alvaro Morato recording a higher xG this season.


    Espanyol are currently languishing in 19th position and are facing a real struggle lớn survive, with the team from Barcelona already five points adrift of safety.
    A lack of goals looks lớn be the problem, and expected goals backs this up, as they are the fourth worst attacking team according to xG, averaging a lowly 1.17 xGF per game.
    Real are unbeaten at home in La Liga since Zidane's return and look nailed on lớn win but are way too short lớn recommend backing, so we must look for the value elsewhere.
    Infogol calculates a 54% (1.85) chance that both teams find the net, which suggests the hai.10 (48%) available on the exchange is worth getting involved in.

    Always Goals when Foals play at home
    Borussia Mönchengladbach vs Bayern Munich
    Saturday, 14:30 GMT
    Borussia Mönchengladbach welcome Bayern Munich Borussia Park on Saturday in a huge game for Marco Rose's side.
    Mönchengladbach currently occupy top spot in the Bundesliga, with Bayern four points behind in fourth, and a win here could see the Foals put seven points between themselves and the reigning champions.
    More often than not the Bundesliga is a pure formality for Bayern but this season is shaping up differently to previous campaigns.
    Hans-Dieter Flick's side have already been beaten three times this season and are four points off top, but all the xG stats insist they can consider themselves somewhat unlucky to be in the position they find themselves in.
    The 29-time league winners rate as the best attacking team in the league (2.68 xGF per game), and the second best defensive team in the league (1.26 xGA per game).
    Mönchengladbach are an attractive side with a strong attacking process lớn boot (2.39 xGF per game). Their attacking exploits are bettered only by todays visitors so we expect plenty of goals in what promises to be an exciting game.
    Infogol calculates a 57% (1.75) chance that this game will see more than 3.5 goals, making the 1.99 (50%) available on the exchange substantial value.
: tip

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